BioMineralix - Understanding and manipulating enzymatic and proteomic processes in biomineralization

nautilus_invertedBioMineralix aims towards new biometric strategies, the creation of tailored nano-scale architectures and environmental monitoring. The main objective of BioMineralix is to promote research on the biomineralisation processes of selected land, freshwater and marine species for both environmental biomonitoring and as a source of new biomimetic strategies and materials. BioMineralix is the EC project funded in frame of a FP7 Cost Action under CMST with acronym TD0903.

Pearls and nacre (mother-of-pearl) make beautiful jewellery, but are also a high-performance material that reminds us how far we still have to go before being able to imitate nature with artificial products... (J. Cartwright and A. Checa).

The BioMineralix project

BioMineralix brings together outstanding expertise in biomineralization research in a Europe-wide network that will promote a comprehensive approach to address emerging challenges in environmental monitoring and bio-nanotechnology. Pinctada margaritifera -bis

Mother of pearl 'Pinctada margaritifera'. Image courtesy by Frederic Marin and Jerome Thomas.

The work will focus on monitoring the embryonic development of selected marine organisms, on biochemical and crystallographic control mechanisms of the mineralization pathways in the embryonal and adult organisms, characterisation of specialised metabolic pathways in marine, freshwater, land and subterranean molluscs and to use these organisms in the biomonitoring of riverine and marine environments.

A unique mission by the European Community for biomineralization

European-CommissionBioMineralix will facilitate the coordination, transfer and dissemination of knowledge within Europe to foster world-class biomineralisation research through the integration of diverse, though complementary, disciplines, capacity building, enhanced competitiveness and research cohesion in Europe.

An outstanding consortium from Western and Eastern European and associated countries

Originated by only a few countries including Croatia, France, Spain, Germany and UK, the consortium spans now almost all European countries as well as near East-countries as Israel. The best concerted scientific effort so far on biomineralisation ever been established by scientists from the European community.


Members of the BioMineralix Management Consortium in the EC Cost Office in Brussels

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